DF Large Format Coupler for Nikon F-Mounted Camera to Nikon 38mm ISO Photoport

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Coupler to link Nikon F-Mounted camera to 38mm ISO Diameter Nikon Photoport

  • Nikon F Mount camera fitting
  • The DC optic can be removed and used in other 38mm ISO Photoports (Leica)
  • Drops into 38mm Diagonal ISO port

Models Available:

  • NYMC-DF13NN: 1.3x Magnification, Suitable for APS-C & 28mm diagonal sensors Camera, 28mm Diagonal Image Size
  • NYMC-DF19NN: 1.9x Magnification, Suitable for 43.3mm Diagonal Full Frame Chip Camera, 43.3mm (Full Frame) Diagonal Image Size

For the following microscopes:

  • Upright: Alphaphot 2, Eclipse Series (requires YT Tube 92306), Labophot 2, Microphot, Microphot FX, Microphot FXL, Microphot POL, Microphot SA, Optiphot 2, Optiphot 100S, Optiphot 150, Optiphot 200, Optiphot 300 (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Inverted: Diaphot 200, Diaphot 300, TS100F, TE2000 (All insert into 38mm ISO port)
  • Metallurgical: Epiphot 200, Epiphot 300 (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Stereo: SMZ10A (0.67X and 1.0X only), SMZU, SMZ800, SMZ1000, SMZ1500 (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport), SMZ18, SMZ25 (With LV-TV tube), SMZ754, SMZ745T
  • Measuring: MM40, MM60 (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Zoom: AZ100, AZ100M

Note: Microscope Camera Couplers are special order and non-returnable.


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