DC Coupler for Leica 38mm ISO Photoport

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Coupler to link C-Mounted Camera to 38mm ISO Diameter Leica Photoport

  • C-Mount camera fitting
  • Can be used in other 38mm ISO Photoports (Nikon)
  • Drops into 38mm Diagonal ISO port

Models Available:

  • NYMC-DC10LN: 1x Magnification, Suitable for 1" Chip Camera, 16mm Diagonal Image Size
  • NYMC-DC50LN: 0.5x Magnification, Suitable for 1/2" Chip Camera, 8mm Diagonal Image Size, Focusable
  • NYMC-DC67LN: 0.67x Magnification, Suitable for 2/3" Chip Camera, 11mm Diagonal Image Size, Focusable

For the following microscopes:

  • Leica Inverted: DMIL (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Leica Stereo: MS5, MZ6, MZ8, MZ12, MZAPO (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport), GZ6 (With Phototube #13410302)
  • Leitz Upright: Aristomet, Aristoplan, Dialux, Diaplan, Ergolux, Laborlux, Mettalux, Ortholux, Orthoplan (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Leitz Inverted: Diavert, Fluovert, Labovert, Metallovert (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Wild Stereo: M3, M5, M7, M8, M10 (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport)
  • Wild Macroscope: M420 (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport)

Note: Microscope Camera Couplers are special order and non-returnable.


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