Leica Microsystems

When the need for scientific equipment with breath-taking imaging performance arises, one brand stands at the forefront within the community due to its constant innovation and technical expertise: Leica. We are so happy to present to you our collection of this greatly admired brand.

Leica microscopes have been a part of the scientific community since 1925, renown in many fields such as research, medicine, biotechnology, manufacturing, and education. Leica Microsystems is one of the industry’s top leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning, and super-resolution microscopy with imaging systems, in addition to providing electron microscopy sample preparation and surgical microscopy.

We will have the right instrument solutions for your needs with our economical prices and fully stocked, extensive inventory of Leica microscopes. Whether you have been seeking the right tool for life science research, surgical specialization, material sciences, forensics, manufacturing, or your classroom, we have Leica microscopes for every task.

In addition to carrying these top Leica models, our extensive stock includes accessories, applications, cameras, parts, and even refurbished models. Browse by type of Leica microscope, series, price, and more to help pinpoint the perfect product for you or filter by featured, best-selling, and more.

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