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Leica Compound Microscope

Leica Compound Microscopes

Leica microscopes for the versatile needs of advanced college and university life science courses and professional training in medical, veterinary and dental schools.

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Leica Stereo Microscope

Leica Stereo Microscopes

Optimum visibility and precision for educational and industrial uses such as viewing electronic components and specimens.

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Microscope Accessories

With a history of constant innovation and technical expertise, Leica microscopes offer breathtaking imaging performance for the scientific community. At New York Microscope, we’re proud to offer a large collection of Leica Microsystems microscopes for sale to meet all microscopy applications.. Our extensive selection of Leica microscopes for sale are fully stocked and ready to ship. Along with our collection of high-quality Leica microscopes models, we also carry a large selection of Leica microscope parts and accessories. This includes the popular Leica microscope cameras that are used for taking still images of your samples. We also offer virtual microscopes, surgical microscopes, electron microscopes, refurbished Leica microscopes, and Leica microscope software.

Headquartered in Wetzler, Germany, Leica Microsystems proudly offers the best in German-engineered microscopes and optical equipment. Because of their capabilities and image quality, Leica microscopes are incredibly popular and are available for sale and distribution in more than a hundred countries around the globe. Leica Microsystems is recognized for providing high-quality microscopes which allow users to analyze nanostructures and microstructures.

Since 1925, Leica microscopes continue to remain trusted tools within the scientific community in fields such as research, medicine, biotechnology, manufacturing, education, and more. Leica Microsystems does more than electron microscopy sample preparation and surgical microscopy. Leica stereo microscope and Leica compound microscope lead the field in digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning, and super-resolution microscopy with imaging systems.

Leica Microscope Applications

Whether you have been seeking the right tool for life science research, surgical specialization, material sciences, forensics, manufacturing, medicine, biotechnology, quality control, or your classroom, we have Leica microscopes for sale for every task. Trusted by lab technicians, mechanical engineers, quality control engineers, healthcare professionals, scientists, and teachers at all levels of education, Leica microscopes are ideal optical microscopes for these types of fields.

Features of Leica Microscopes

Leica Microsystems provides sturdy and reliable microscopes built with innovative technology and optical precision. These superior-quality Leica microscopes are not only affordable but are also made to last. When you choose a Leica microscope, your process will become more efficient thanks to their ease of use. At New York Microscope Company, we offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee when you purchase a Leica microscope for sale so you can rest assured. Order your Leica microscope today!