Ash Technologies OMNI 3 Digital Microscope System


Stand sold separately. Available options:

  • Illuminated track stand
  • Premium track stand
  • Ball bearing boom stand
  • Flex arm stand, bench clamp
  • Flex arm stand, table base
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When you’re looking for a digital microscope system that will grow and adapt as your work changes, you want the Ash OMNI 3. Manufactured by Ash Technologies, the OMNI 3 offers a variety of unmatched upgrades and features you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike other digital microscope systems, the Ash OMNI 3 is capable of processing complex imaging tasks without a PC. These images can be stored directly on the device, sent to a network location, or sent via email so they can be saved for later viewing. This fully HD microscope offers lag-free viewing, allowing the user to make adjustments to their specimen in real-time. The OMNI digital microscope offers a unique system that allows you to operate the device using a monitor with a mouse or by using the controls on the front.

These ASH digital microscopes feature a range of magnifications based on your needs. This includes an optical range of 2.5x - 68x and a digital range of 69x - 136.5 with the included 5D lens. The OMNI 3 is pre-calibrated at the factory and can track calibration across the various zoom levels.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Ash OMNI 3 digital microscope system and other microscopes is the availability of apps that can improve your productivity, quality assurance, and much more. The apps that are available for the OMNI microscope include 2D measurement, side-by-side image compactor, object counting, and a variety of other purposes. All apps can be tried for free (30 clicks) before deciding to buy.

Stand sold separately - See accessories list.


  • Operate the Omni 3 directly from a monitor with a mouse, or use the controls on the front of the unit.
  • The Omni 3 is precalibrated at the factory featuring the patented AshCal™ technology, and tracks calibration across all zoom levels.
  • Save files to internal or removable memory, or to a network location or by email via ethernet.
  • Real Time Lens Distortion Correction™ ensures a "flat" image with no distortion across the field.
  • New AshTruColour™ brings outstanding and accurate color reproduction in every image.
  • New super fast Auto-Focus, SpotFocus™ and manual Rocker Focus.
  • User privileges increases efficiency and reduces operational error.
  • Start with the Core, then add apps as you need them: 2D Measurement, Annotation and Graticules; DXF File Importer; Image Comparator Overlay; Side by Side Image Comparator; Image Stacking; Z Height Measurement; Color Analysis; Object Counting


Product Specifications

Camera Resolution HD 1080p; 1920x1080 pixels; 60fps
Magnification Range 2.5-68 optical; 69-136.5 digital; with included 5D lens
Basic Functions Auto/Manual focus, brightness adjustment, magnification adjustment, snapshot, overview, high contrast mode, height adjustable
Optional Apps 2D measurement, DXF import and export, image stacking, side-by-side comparator, overlay comparator, color analysis, Z-height measurement, object counting
Monitor Options HDMI output; HD ready, full HD recommended. Monitor Sold Separately.
Input / Output HDMI Output, USB 2.0 port x 4, Mini USB port, General purpose IO port x 3, DC 24v power jack
Storage 16GB internal storage; removable USB image storage
Image Types JPG, PNG, BMP
Power Supply 110/240v; 50/60Hz; 24w power consumption
Dimensions / Weight 216mm x 125mm x 136mm (LWH) / 1.5kg
Temperature Storage: 10ºC to 60ºC
Operating: 5ºC to 40ºC

Omni 3 Optical Data Table

  +5 +10 1x Plan Achromat +25 +50
Min Mag* (Optical) 2.5 4.8 54.7 109.4
Max Mag* (Optical/Digital) 68/136.5 136/272 336/673.3 673/1346
Min Zoom Optical FOV (mm, X x Y) 200 x 112 76 x 59.5 9.3 x 5.4 4.6 x 2.6
Max Zoom Optical FOV (mm, X x Y) 7.5 x 4.2 3.8 x 2.1 1.5 x 0.85 0.76 x 0.43
Max Digital Zoom FOV (mm, X x Y) 3.75 x 2.1 1.9 x 1.1 0.75 x 0.425 0.37 x 0.22
Max/Min Depth of Field** (mm) 80/0.5 35/0.1 0.3/.1 0.1/.05
Working Distance (mm) 195 78 36 24
*Specifications obtained using a 24" monitor.
**Depth of Field measured with optimal image settings.

Omni 3 Optional Accessories

Add-On Apps
148-001 Omni Measurement & Graticule
Intuitive on-screen full 2D measurement application. Point-to-point, diameter, angle, adjustable X-Y grid, shapes and annotation features to accommodate a multitude of samples and specifications. Graticule creation allows rapid sample analysis against on-screen digital templates with tolerance limits, enabling quick go/no-go defect analysis.
148-002 Omni Image Stacking
View a sample with different layers all in focus at the same time. Omni 3 automatically captures from 2 to 12 images at different focus positions and creates a single image based on the sharpest regions from each of these separate captures. The result is one image with all features of the 3-dimensional sample in focus at the same time.
148-003 Omni Comparator Overlay
Create an image overlay of a master image (gold sample) to identify defects by overlaying and flashing the live sample image against the stored master image. Enables rapid identification of differences between gold sample and test samples.
148-004 Omni Comparator Side by Side
Visually compare your live sample image to a stored master image (gold sample) in the form of a split screen. Add notes through annotation and save the comparison image for documentation for traceability. Enables rapid identification of differences between gold sample and test samples.
148-005 Omni 3 DXF Import and Export
Import a range of DXF files to create graticules for overlay comparison with parts and samples. Imported DXF files can be edited and annotated on the Omni 3.
148-008 Omni 3 Z Height Measurement (requires CAT# 148-001)
Measure in 3D on the new Omni 3. Now you can measure in the Z axis, in addition to the X and Y axes, bringing the Omni 3 capability to a whole new dimension. Rapidly inspect your parts up to five times quicker when compared to outdated manual inspection methods.
148-009 Omni 3 Color Analysis
Advanced algorithms automatically calculate the color value of any sample. Identify contaminants or foreign objects within your sample. Eliminate human error and improve yield by up to 50%. Reports can be generated for easy documentation and traceability.
148-010 Omni 3 Object Counting
Automatically identify and count the number of objects within your region of interest. Increase efficiency by 70% whilst eliminating human error. Significantly reduce the time spent manually counting parts while reducing costly overheads. Report generation is quick and simple for easy documentation and traceability.
148-011 Omni 3 Measurement Bundle
(includes CAT # 148-001 and 148-008)
14835 Illuminated Track Stand
Dual focus block has coarse and fine focus adjustment
Weighted base for increased stability
Integrated illumination with brightness controls
390mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 510mm (H)
14836 Premium Track Stand
Dual focus block has coarse and fine focus adjustment
3 vertical mounting positions on track
Weighted base for increased stability
390mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 470mm (H); 10kg
15636BB-OI Ball Bearing Boom Stand
Dual arm boom with extended reach for viewing large areas
Horizontal arm with bonder port and focus block
Weighted base for increased stability
584mm (L) x 260mm (W) x 400mm (H); footprint: 260mm (L) x 260mm (W)
14838 Flex Arm Stand - Bench Clamp
Multi-point adjustable arm for extended reach for viewing large areas
Focus block and bench clamp included
14839 Flex Arm Stand - Table Base
Multi-point adjustable arm for extended reach for viewing large areas
Focus block and table base included
14856 Course Focus Mount with 5/8" stud
15920 UNITRON LED Dome Light
14881 LED Dome Light - Integrated
14858 Polarized Ring Light - Integrated
15874-UV UNITRON LED240 UV Ring Light
14874 +5 lens - allows up to 136.5x magnification, working distance 195mm
111-15-01 +10 lens (1.0x Plan Achromat Objective) - allows up to 272x magnification, working distance 78mm
14879 +25 lens - allows up to 673.3x magnification, working distance 36mm
14878 +50 lens - allows up to 1346x magnification, working distance 24mm
14880 Polarizing Lens Filter
14884 Omni Motorized X-Y Stage
This stage can be used in conjunction with reticles to create inspection workflows. Objects can be moved to predefined locations to automate inspection.
14843 X-Y Stage
175mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 51mm (H)
Coaxial control knobs
Movement: 100 mm (X) x 86mm (Y)
Clamps for securing slides or other objects
14844 X-Y Stage, Transparent for Illuminated Track Stand
160mm (L) x 188mm (W) x 64mm (H)
Coaxial control knobs
Movement: 76 mm (X) x 65mm (Y)
Clamps for securing slides or other objects
Transparent stage for backlight, and Metric scale
14872 X-Y Stage - Large
420mm (L) x 455mm (W) x 55mm (H)
Ball bearing slide for smooth movement
Lock mechanism for both X and Y directions
14876 Height Adjustable Stage - 6" x 6"
200mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Suitable for manually adjusting focus
14877 Oblique Tilting Stage
340mm (Diameter) x 120mm (H)
Other Accessories
14882 Omni Workflow Controller
Step by step control of custom workflows to standardize and control inspection. Controller can work in conjunction with Omni Motorized XY Stage.

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