Bichromatic Ferrography Microscopes

Ferrography is a type of oil analysis used in failure prevention maintenance. It’s especially useful in mechanical engineering since it can predict and diagnose problems in various types of machinery. Our bichromatic ferrography microscopes are particularly good tools for industrial plant managers, maintenance workers, and healthcare professionals examining arthritic joints.

We sell bichromatic ferrography microscopes from Meiji Techno, which is the third-largest microscope manufacturer in Japan. The brand originally only made microscopes for educational purposes, but since it was founded in 1964, it has grown and expanded to include microscopes for all kinds of applications sent to customers worldwide. Our Meiji Techno microscopes are renowned for their durability, excellent optics, and user-friendly features. New York Microscope Company is a proud distributor of Meiji Techno bichromatic ferrography microscopes, and we’re excited to supply you with this technology today.

Our bichromatic ferrography microscopes come from the MT8000 Metallurgical Series, featuring an Infinity Corrected Optical System (ICOS) with new and improved Epi-Plan Optics that provide impressively clear images. You can purchase either the standard or motorized style, customizing it to fit your needs. For example, when you buy the standard model, you can choose between a binocular, trinocular, ergonomic binocular, and ergonomic trinocular viewing head with a choice of halogen or LED illumination. Additionally, with the motorized option, you can choose between four different motorized focus control kits: Z-axis non-encoded, Z-axis encoded, X & Y-axis, or X, Y, & Z axis.

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