Asbestos Microscopes

Asbestos microscopes are primarily used for estimating asbestos concentrations of airborne fibers. Our asbestos microscopes can be used on-site for a rapid determination of concentrations of asbestos fibers in the air. Polarized light microscopes (PLM) & phase contrast microscopes (PCM) are used for positive identification of asbestos fiber.

The PCM asbestos microscope utilizes phase contrast microscopy to estimate asbestos concentrations of airborne fibers. Though, the phase contrast microscope doesn’t positively differentiate between asbestos and other airborne fibers. To be sure to identify asbestos fiber, use a polarized light microscope or an electron microscope. On the other hand, polarized light microscopes are used for bulk fiber identification. They utilize polarized light microscopy for asbestos analysis and qualitative identification of asbestos concentration. These microscopes measure the percentage of asbestos, which is viewed by the analyst and compared to average projections, experience, and documented images.

Phase contrast microscopes and polarized light microscopes are available from leading quality manufacturers: Meiji, made in Japan, and ACCU-SCOPE, LABOMED, Leica and OPTIKA from Italy. At New York Microscope Company, we offer high-quality microscopes for asbestos analysis.

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