ACCU-SCOPE Microscope Bulbs

Compatible MicroscopesBulb TypePart Number
Accu-Scope 3088F, pre-2000 3085F, 3061, 3069, 3063, 3065 5W Fluorescent A3368
  20W Bayonet A3275
Accu-scope 3085, 3079 S/N 95-99 20W Oblong A3276
Accu-scope 3050 and 3051 series 12V 10W Fuse A3367
Accu-scope 3088 and 3089 LED series LED Lamp A88-3258-LED
Accu-scope pre-2000 3061and 3069 Series 6V 10W Halogen O64225
Accu-scope 3080, 3080-T*, 3085F post 2000, Leica BME 7W Fluorescent A3257
Accu-scope 3000 and 3001 LED microscope 3W LE A00-3365
Accu-scope 3061, 3065, 3075 8W Fluorescent Ring A3373
Accu-scope 3059, 3061, 3067, 3069, 3088 series. All Models S/N 07+, bottom illuminator 5W Fluorescent (4-Pin style) A3368-61
Accu-scope 3000, 3002, 3003, 3030, 3035 series 6V 20W Halogen A3256
Accu-scope 3025, 3025-2F*, 3032 6V 30W Halogen A3256-30W
  12V 2A Bayonet A3268
Accu-scope 3012 and 3013 Series 12V 20W Halogen A3253
Accu-scope 3055 series 12V 10W Halogen A3363
  110V 30W Bayonet A3262
Accu-scope 3059, 3061, 3063, and 3069 series 6V 15W Dichrohic Halogen AA3370
Accu-scope 3025, 3023. 100W Mercury A3254-U

*Dual view microscopes have various possibilities depending on the age of the microscope.

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