3 Best Microscopes for Kids

When you buy the right microscope for your child, you’re marking the beginning of a lifetime journey. With the first click of the focus knobs and peering into the lens, your child will know for themselves how exciting the world can be with the power of scientific discovery at their fingertips.

The best microscope for kids depends on how old your child is and what they’ll be using the microscope for. Find the perfect starter microscope for any child by checking out our New York Microscope Company guide to microscopes for children below:

My First Lab Mega Duo Cordless LED Microscope 

Made for kids as young as 5 years old, this beginning microscope comes with all the accessories needed to fuel an elementary student’s curiosity. It’s made of durable metal, has a 10x eyepiece, and can rotate 360 degrees. The microscope can be used to view slides and has a top illumination to view small specimens like bugs, flowers, and other opaque items.

My First Lab Mega Duo LED Microscope

ACCU-SCOPE EXM-150-MS Microscope with Mechanical Stage, Rechargeable

The EXM-150 is a great starter microscope for students in K-8th grade. It has internal rechargeable batteries for hours of cordless operation. The microscope features a student-friendly design with an ergonomic carrying grip and easy-to-use focusing system and LED illumination. The well-thought-out construction make it a perfect option for even the youngest users.

ACCU-SCOPE EXM-150-MS Microscope with Mechanical Stage

Steindorff EZ Scope Microscope

When you’re looking for a simple microscope with few moving parts, the Steindorff EZ Scope is right for you. This microscope has only two moving parts and doesn’t need to be plugged in to operate, making it ideal for active youngsters who love science.

Steindorff EZ Scope Microscope

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