Swift Microscope Bulbs

Compatible MicroscopesBulb TypePart Number
M27LED Series 3.4V 0.06W LED (Top) MA14773
M27LED Series 3.4V 0.06W LED (Bottom) MA14774
M3 Series, M3-F Series LED (Top) MA14775
M3 Series, M3-F Series LED Assembly (Bottom) MA14776
M10 Series, M10D Series, M10L Series. LED Assembly MA14777
SM90 Series, M28Z Series, M29TZ Series 3W LED (Top & Bottom) MA14778
M2251C, M2251CL, M3600 Series, M3700 Series, M2252DGL Series, M3600DGL Series 3.4V .06W LED MA2215
SM100 Series LED Assembly MA14781
SM100 Series LED Assembly MA14780
M2250 Series, M2251B 120V 20W Tungsten MA2201
  6V 1A MA987
  12V 10W MA986
  6V 2A MA639
  12V 15.A MA573
  12V MA2614
  220V 20W MA886
  12V 25W MA587
  6.5V 2.75A MA760
  120V 10W MA725
  220V 30W MA722A
  12V 2A MA588
  120V 15W MA570
  LED Assembly MA14782

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