Stereo Microscope Heads

Stereo microscope heads have separate objective lenses and eyepieces, providing a different optical path for each eye that results in a three-dimensional image. For this reason, stereo microscopes are also referred to as "dissecting” microscopes. In most cases, heads for stereo microscopes include eyepieces, diopters, and a focus knob along with the head itself. Some of our most popular, best-selling products come from brands like Meiji Techno, ACCU-SCOPE, OPTIKA, and UNITRON.

The Meiji EMZ-8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereo Head has three eyepieces total, designed with an excellent zoom ratio and the ability to produce high-contrast images. These stereo microscope heads from Meiji Techno are versatile and compact, able to be attached to a wide variety of stands to suit many applications and uses. There are also camera adapters available so that the user can record live images and videos of their specimens.

The ACCU-SCOPE 72-3330-12 Binocular Viewing Head comes with 1x and 2x objectives, but keep in mind that the two eyepieces pictured do not come with the product and must be purchased separately. ACCU-SCOPE is one of our most popular and well-trusted brands, so any of the heads for stereo microscopes you buy from them is sure to please.

The OPTIKA SZO-B Binocular Stereo Zoom Head provides 6.7x to 45x magnification, rotating 360 degrees and inclined at a 45-degree angle. The distance between the two eyepieces is adjustable to provide the user with the greatest amount of comfort, and each eyepiece has a dioptric adjustment to prevent eye strain. All OPTIKA products are crafted with quality and precision, making the SZO-B a great choice for your stereo microscope.

The UNITRON 111-11-02 Z10 Binocular Viewing Head is inclined at a 20-degree angle, but keep in mind that, though eyepieces are shown in the product’s picture, eyepieces are not included and must be purchased separately. UNITRON products are most often used in applications related to industrial settings and material sciences, and the brand has successfully crafted specialty products for over 60 years.

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