Scienscope MAC-PK5-R3-AF, MACRO Zoom System on Gliding Arm Boom Stand with 1080p Auto-focus Camera, LED Ring Light with Polarizer & 23" HD LCD Monitor



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The Scienscope MAC Macro Zoom series is ideal for quality assurance, biomedical imaging, or assembly applications where an easy-to-view, sharp and true-to-life magnified image of your product can mean the difference between a shippable, top-quality end product and a costly manufacturing failure. The Macro Zoom lens has the most Depth of Field and Field of View available from a video lens with all adjustment at your fingertips such as zoom, focus, and iris control.

The Scienscope Macro Zoom lens is designed for large filed of views, large range of working distance, and large depth of field applications. Range from 7" - 12" of working distance with a close-up/cover lens and from 11" to infinity without the close-up/cover lens. Up to 61.9X magnification.

HDMI/WiFi Camera The New Auto-focus 1080p HDMI/WiFi camera can capture images to an SD Card or connect directly to a PC via WiFi to stow on the hard drive. Connect this camera to any C or C/S mount optical device to transform your microscope or optical system into a fast and easy-to-use autofocus system.


  • Super-fast auto focus
  • ROI Auto focus within field of view
  • Imbedded camera control software
  • Capture images and video to SD card
  • Fast auto and manual exposure
  • Full 1080p 60fps frame rates
  • Connect, view and control via WiFi
  • ROI white balance
  • Real-time color adjustments
  • Digital zoom
  • Image Comparison

Macro Zoom Lens Specifications

Focal Range 18mm - 108mm
Magnification Range 3.7X - 61.9X
Zoom Ratio 1:6 Parfocal
Field of View 12.26mm - 284mm
Working Distance 117.8mm - 304.8mm
Aperture Manual
Iris Control Manual
Focus & Zoom Control Manual
Video Mount C-Mount
Camera Format 2/3" or smaller

Stand Specifications

Total Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions of Base 9.5" x 11.25" x 1"
Horizontal Arm 20" Length
Vertical Post 12" Length
Mounting Dowel 5/8" Standard Diameter
Tip Over Weight 21 lb
Safety Collar Yes
Warranty 1 Year

Focus Mount Specifications

Hole Diameter 76mm - Standard Size
End Adapter 5/8" (15.875mm) - Standard Size
Focusing Travel Distance ±1"
Warranty 1 Year

HDMI/WiFi Camera Specifications

Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Optical Format 1/1.8"
Active Pixels 8.3M
Pixels Size 2µm x 2µm
Active Sensor Area 7.68mm x 4.32mm
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Video Preview So/ution(HDMI) 3840 x 2760
Video Preview Framerame(HDMI) 60fps
Video Capture Resolution 3840 x 2760
Video Capture Framerate 50fps (SecureDigital)
30fps Max (Ethernet, WI-Fi)
Internal Video Capture Format MP4
Photo Capture Resolution 7920 x 7080
Internal Photo Capture Format JPG
Recording Media SecureDigital Card
Connectivity HDMI, WI-FI
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ac 5HGz
Power 12VDC 1A

LED Ring Light with Polarizer Specifications

Brightness 2kfc
Color temperature 6000k - 7000k (cool white light)
Power input 24VDC 0.5A
Power output 24VDC 500ma
Inner diameter 2.4"
Life 10,000h
LED power 6W
Number of LED's 120
Light Intensity Control Yes
Warranty 1 Year

23" LCD 1080p HD Monitor

  • Doubles working distance and magnification for any C or C/S mount video lens or coupler
  • 1080p Resolution @ 60fps
  • Includes HDMI Cable

Macro Zoom Video Specifications

Working Distance   MAG FOV
5" WD High 98x 5.5mm
Low 17x 30mm
7" WD High 60x 8mm
Low 11x 47mm
8" WD High 52x 10mm
Low 9x 25mm
9" WD High 45x 11mm
Low 8x 63mm
10" WD High 40x 12mm
Low 8x 71mm
Specs Based On 23" Monitor


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