Scienscope MAC-PK3-A1-4K, 4K All-One Camera Systems on Heavy Duty Articulating Arm Stand with Integrated Diffused LED Ring Light & 27-28" UHD LCD Monitor

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The NEW 4K All-One Camera from Scienscope is THE advanced all-in-one inspection solution. All you need to inspect or convert any optical microscope system into a powerful digital inspection tool. The 4K All-One (AO) includes internal software-controlled optics, integrated image processing and capture software, measuring tools with an onscreen magnification display, integrated LED lighting, and a mounting adapter.

Experience full 4K image quality with no image delay. The perfect solution for those wishing to digitize and simplify their inspection process. Measure anything using the onboard field-of-view measuringtools, DXF overlay, or multi-line generator. Export your measurement data and images with measured objects!

Ergonomically designed, allowing for less operator fatigue and improved production efficiency. Simple, fast, high-quality inspection. Ideal for repair, rework, assembly, and quality control in any manufacturing industry.

This system features All-One 4K UHD Camera with integrated optics (80x Max) and integrated diffused LED ring light and mounting adapter, 27-28" UHD LCD monitor and capture software, Heavy duty articulating arm stand, FOV measuring and annotation toolbar with preloaded calibration files.


  • 27-28" UHD LCD monitor

Camera Specifications

Sensor & Size (mm) Sony IMX415LQR-C
Pixel (µm) 1.45 x 1.45
G Sensitivity Dark Signal 300mv/0.13 with 1/30s
FPS/Resolution 30 @ 3840 x 2160 (HDMI)
Binning 1x1
Exposure 0.04ms~1000ms

Optical Specifications

Working Distance (mm) 156-195
Zoom Range 0.028x to 0.56x
MTF (lp/mm) 160
Distortion 0.5%
FOV@l.0X (mm) 200 x 112.5
FOV@20X (mm) 10 x 5.6

Light Specifications

LED 8 CREE XP-E2 @ 137 Lumen each
Color White
Power 3V /3A
Inner Dia. (mm) 50
Out Dia. (mm) 76

Stand Specifications

Total Weight 30 lbs
Vertical Post 15" Length; 1.47" Diameter
Maximum Bench Width 2.75"
Horizontal Arm Length 11.96"
Gradient Arm Length 17.52"
Front Arm Length 6.77"
Free Revolution in Horizontal Direction 360°
Maximum Radius 31.5"
Minimum Radius 2.76"
Maximum Opening Angle 0-45°
Diameter Mounting Hole (Front Arm) 5/8"
Diameter Mounting Hole (End Base) 0.87"
Weight Capacity 18.74 lbs
Warranty 1 Year

Focus Mount Specifications

Hole Diameter 76mm - Standard Size
End Adapter 5/8" (15.875mm) - Standard Size
Focusing Travel Distance ±1"
Warranty 1 Year


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