Steindorff SPMM Polarizing Microscope, Monocular

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This hard to find budget priced polarizing microscope is ideal for Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy study at the high school level or for the hobbyist.

Features a monocular head with a unique feature allowing it to be height adjustable relative to the stage, a Bertrand lens and analyzer all of which can be removed from the optical path allowing for both brightfield and polarized uses. The fully rotatable stage is 140mm in diameter, has ball bearing movement, detachable stage clips, an adjustable screw stop, and graduation marks every 5 degrees.

There are four objectives included: DIN Strain Free 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x yielding magnification of 40x, 100x, 200x and 400x with the supplied 10x eyepiece. An Abbe Condenser 1.25 N.A with iris and swing out filter holder (included blue filter) is controllable by rack & pinion movement.

There are stage centering knobs that have the ability to center the objectives with the stage to ensure proper polarizing viewing. Focusing is achieved via separate coarse & fine adjustment mechanisms with steel gears for focus movement.

Illumination is achieved with an attached incandescent transmitted base light polarizer 120v 15W. Included with the microscope is a mica compensator, 1/4 wavelength test plate, gypsum compensator with one wavelength test plate, extra 10x eyepiece with built-in measuring reticle X-Scale, 10mm in 100 divisions, 0.1mm resolution and extra 5x eyepiece with built-in cross hair reticle. This model comes with a manufactures five year warranty.


  • Polarizing Monocular Microscope - Great Value!
  • Excellent for viewing rock and mineral thin sections and other geology applications.
  • The quality is amazingly good.
  • Polarizing microscopes are normally sold for Thousands. This is being brought to you at an incredibly low discounted price.
  • Built-In Bertrand Lens with Capability for Removal from Optical Path.
  • Built-In Analyzer with Capability for Removal from Optical Path.
  • Transmitted Light Polarizer, with Capability for Removal from Optical Path. Fully Rotatable 360° with Graduation Marks every 5° for the full 360°.
  • Selectable between Brightfield and Polarizing Light.
  • Easily switch between Plane Polarized and Cross Polarized Illumination.

Product Specifications

Eyepieces and Magnification
  • Four Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 200x, and 400x.
  • Wide Field 10x Eyepiece.
  • Four Strain-Free Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x.
  • Spring Loaded 20x and 40x Objectives for Protection.
  • 120V/15W Incandescent Transmitted Base Illumination.
Condenser - Iris - Filters
  • 1.25 N.A. Abbe Substage Condenser, Condenser Movement Knob, Iris Diaphragm and Swing-Out Filter Holder.
  • Condenser Alignment Screws.
  • Rack and Pinion Steel Gears for Easy and Better Condenser Movement.
  • Blue Filter Included.
Stage Specifications
  • Large Fully Rotatable Stage with Ball Bearing Movement, 140mm Diameter with Graduation Marks every 1°for the Full 360°.
  • Stage Centering Knobs. Warning, not all polarizing scopes have the ability to center the stage with the objectives. If not properly centered, you will get eccentric viewing when rotating a specimen.
  • Detachable Stage Slide Clips.
  • Stage Rotation Lock Screw.
  • Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Maximum Distance From Bottom of Longest Objective to Top of Stage: 50mm.
  • Head has Unique Feature allowing it to be Height Adjustable Relative to Stage.
  • Fine Adjustment Division: 0.002mm.
  • Rack and Pinion Steel Gears for Focus Movement.
  • Adjustable Screw-Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Specimens.
Frame - Base - Size - Weight
  • Inclinable: Whole Scope Pivots on Angle for Maximum Versatility and Ease of Viewing.
  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 435mm.
  • Instrument Weight: 13.5 lbs.
Included Items
  • Mica (One Quarter Wavelength) Retarding Compensator Plate.
  • Gypsum (One Full Wavelength) Retarding Compensator Plate.
  • Includes: Extra 10x Eyepiece with Built-in Measuring Reticle: X-Scale, 10mm in 100 divisions, 0.1mm Resolution.
  • Includes: Extra 5x Eyepiece with Built-in Cross hair Reticle.
  • Comes with Instruction Manual, Dust Cover and Lens Cleaning Cloth.
More Information
  • Well Made, Quality Construction.
  • Manufacturer Certified to ISO: 9001 Standard.
  • 110 VAC (220 VAC Available for Europe and Asia).
Product Warranty
  • Warranty! The Quality of the product is Assured! You are covered by a 5 Year Warranty on microscope equipment.

*** This microscope is Non-Returnable. ***


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