OPTIKA B-1000LD4 LED Fluorescence Research Microscope


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OPTIKA B-1000 Series is the result of an extensive modularity combined with the state-of-the-art, exclusive and high performing X-LED8 lighting source (8W), corresponding to over 100W halogen bulb.

This series features the outstanding brightness and incredible color reproduction, to be a reliable solution for routine and research applications with up to a field of view of 24 mm. Fully modular, B-1000 Series gives multiple options of configuration, from basic manual controls to a fully motorized version, including motorized nosepiece, stage and focus. Its capabilities go further, with the possibility to install the exclusive Automatic Light Control (ALC) for unparalleled performance.

The selection of nosepieces, objectives, stages and condensers is extremely wide, offering several options to create the most suitable microscope for every need!


Product Specifications

Eyepieces Choice of:
PL10x/22 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint, with rubber cup (retractable)
PL15x/16 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint
Head Choice of:
Trinocular Head with 30° viewing angle, three positions (100/0, 50/50, 0/100)
Binocular ERGO head with 30° - 60° viewing angle
Attachment 4-position LED Fluorescence attachment (without LED Fluorescence Cube)
Main Body Main body with focus system and X-LED8 illumination, for general purposes
Nosepiece Sextuple reversed nosepiece, for RMS objectives with DIC slot
Objectives Choice of:
IOS W-PLAN F 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x
IOS U-PLAN F 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x
Stage Choice of:
Standard Mechanical Stage
Rackless Mechanical Stage
MPC (Mineral Solid Surface) Rackless Mechanical Stage
Heating stage, with digital temperature controller
Condenser Choice of:
0.90 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
1.20 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
Illumination 8 Watt LED
Luminous flux: 450 lumen
Luminous intensity: 2000 cd
Equivalent to a dichroic halogen lamp with 45W, Equivalent to a standard halogen lamp with 110W
Correlated Color Temperature: 6300K
Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts
Two (2) Years electrical

LED Fluorescence Cubes

M-1220 - Blue M-1221 - Green M-1222 - Violet
LED Emission (nm): 460
Excitation filter (nm):  450-490
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 495
Emission filter (nm): 520LP
LED Emission (nm): 523
Excitation filter (nm):  510-550
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 570
Emission filter (nm): 575LP
LED Emission (nm): 405
Excitation filter (nm):  390-420
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 440
Emission filter (nm): 450LP
M-1223 - UV M-1224 - Red 1 M-1225 - Red 2
LED Emission (nm): 365
Excitation filter (nm):  325-375
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 415
Emission filter (nm): 435LP
LED Emission (nm): 623
Excitation filter (nm):  590-650
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 660
Emission filter (nm): 665LP
LED Emission (nm): 623
Excitation filter (nm):  595-645
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 655
Emission filter (nm): 665-715
M-1226 - Deep Red M-1227 - Far Red M-1228 - Amber
LED Emission (nm): 660
Excitation filter (nm):  623-678
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 685
Emission filter (nm): 690-750
LED Emission (nm): 740
Excitation filter (nm):  720-760
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 770
Emission filter (nm): 780LP
LED Emission (nm): 590
Excitation filter (nm):  582-603
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 610
Emission filter (nm): 615-645

Pass Band LED Fluorescence Cubes

M-1220.1 - Blue M-1221.1 - Green M-1223.1 - UV
LED Emission (nm): 460
Excitation filter (nm):  455-495
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 500
Emission filter (nm): 518-542
LED Emission (nm): 523
Excitation filter (nm): 510-550
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 570
Emission filter (nm): 585-625
LED Emission (nm): 365
Excitation filter (nm): 340-390
Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 405
Emission filter (nm): 420-470


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