Olympus VANOX-S Research Photomicrographic Microscope System - Reconditioned

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Incorporates its very own microcomputer for extensive automation of most functions including selection of illumination systems in conjunction with objective change. Automated photographic functions are built-in for increased ease of operation, and automatic focus from 1-10x magnifications completely eliminates the focusing problems inherent in low magnification photomicrography.

  • Built-in auto exposure function
  • Provision for 3 camera attachment
  • Special viewfinder lets you see what you are exposing
  • 4 built-in photographic eyepieces selected by a single touch
  • Selection of integrated or spot metering by one-touch action

Microscope Specifications

Observation Tube Binocular tube with constant tube length adjustment. Tube inclination 30°. Interpupillary distance adjustment with scale range from 56mm to 75mm. Diopter adjustment range from -8 to +2 diop.
Eyepieces Super widefield eyepieces SWK10x
Revolving Nosepiece Sextuple, motorized for objective magnification change, with manual override.
Stage Mechanical square stage AH2-SVR with right-hand low positioned coaxial control knobs.
Illumination Light Source: Long life halogen bulb 12V 100W (life time 2,000 hrs.), pre-centered.
Condenser Kohler illumination for objectives 1x to 100x. Automatically adjusted for each objective magnification change. Built-in turret automatically controlled, with manual override.
Iris Diaphragms Aperture and field iris diaphragms automatically controlled for each objective magnification change, with manual override.
Filters Light balancing filters (for daylight and tungsten type film), and three contrast filters are built in.
Light Intensity Automatically or manually controlled by means of built-in ND filters with color temperature not changed.
Photomicrographic Equipment Provision for mounting two 35mm camera backs, a large format camera back and a TV camera simultaneously, up to 4 in all; with automatic light selection. Four photo eyepieces (2.5x, 3.3x, 4x and 5x) mounted in motor drive turret. Automatic exposure control system built in (manual exposure is also possible). Exposure measurement selection between 30% integrated area and 1% spot area; real time measuring method; automatic compensation for reciprocity failure; automatic adjustment of exposure time failure; automatic adjustment of exposure time for distribution or contrast of specimens; exposure time display (for estimated, recalled and remaining times); multiple exposures; automatic exposure time lock; frame counter; warning indication for over/underexposure; film speed setting range from ISO/ASA 6 to 6400 fro 35mm cameras;, and from ISO/ASA 64 to 6400 for large format camera backs; automatic film advance.
Focusing Automatic focusing adjustment for low magnification. Manual adjustment for high magnification.
Auto Focus System

Compatible with transmitted light brightfield illumination for biological use.
Standard range of objective magnification:

  • S Plan Apo - 4x - 10x

Focusing Accuracy:

  • Within the focal depth of each objective.

Specimen Requirements:

  • Thickness of specimen slide: 0.8 - 1.4mm
  • Specimen size: 20µ min. (with 1x objective), 2µ min (with 10x objective)
  • Density and contrast: Transmittance of specimen in bright field should exceed 3% and contrast should exceed 10% of the brightness difference
  • Pattern: Regularity should not exist in a specimen image (e.g. micrometer, rulings)
  • Color: Spectrum range between 460 and 650nm

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