Olympus Microscope Bulbs

Compatible MicroscopesBulb TypePart Number
EHS 6V/15WTP 8-B103
CHA 6V/10W Halogen 8-B104
LSK; LSK-II; CH-LSK 120V/20W Tungsten 8-B150
CHB, CHT 120v/30W Tungsten 8-B152
CHK 120v/20WSB Tungsten 8-B153
A-FL/A-RFL; A1 FLM; AH-2 RFL HBO 200W/2 Mercury 8-B190
BH-RFL, BH2-RFL; IMT2-RFL; AX70TRF; IX-RFA HBO 103W/2 Mercuy Arc 8-B192U
Universal Lamphouse 150W Xenon 8-B195
BH-RFL, BH2-RFL; IMT2-RF; AX70TRF; IX-RFA 75W Xenon Arc 8-B198
CX-RFL, CX40-FL, CK40-FL, CKX-FL 50W Mercury Arc 8-B199
BX2-FL, IX2-FL; Includes socket 50W Metal Halide 8-B200
LSD illuminator 6V/5A TB-1 Tungsten 8-C101
BHA; BHB; IMT 6-8V/30W Tungsten 8-C102
BHC (bulb and socket) 6V/15W LS 15 Tungsten 8-C103
SZ; TM-LSG-2; LSP 6V/2A Frosted Tungsten 8-C201
CHA 6V/10W Halogen 8-C403
Fiberoptic Illuminator 21V/15W Halogen 8-C404
VM-ILA transmitted base; BHT, BHTU, ZH-ILLB, SZH-ILLK, SZH-ILLC coaxial illuminator; CHS, CK2, CH30, CH20, CHK2; SZ11, SZ30, SZ40, SZ60 6V/20W Halogen 8-C405
AX70/AX80; BHS, BHSM, BHSM-IR, BH-RFL, B-LSH, B-LSH-3; AHS, AHT transmitted light AHTM; IX70, IX71, IX81; BX51WI 12V/100W Halogen 8-C406
IMT-2, SZH-ILLD darkfield base; BX30, BXFM 12V/50W Halogen 8-C407
SZH-LSGA 6V/15W Halogen 8-C408
BX40, BX41, BX45, U-LS30 (BX40); CH40 All lighted bases CK30, CK40; CX31, CX41, CX40; IX50, IX51 (with ILL30 pillar) 6V/30W 8-C410
BX (U-DO); (-SDO); (-MDOB) 6V/5W Tungsten 8-G101
BH-DO; BH2 (MDO) 6V/10W Tungsten 8-G102
CK, CK2 6V/2A Tungsten 8-M102
MI 6V/2A Tungsten 8-M103
Trans-illumination Base; SZIII, XTR 120V/20W Tungsten Frosted 8-S250
JM Base 120W/20W Tungsten 8-S251
MICRO-Lite FL-1000 Fluorescent Ringlight Standard white High UV Transmission Yellow 8-S312; 8-S313; 8-S314
DDL (standard w/illuminators) 20V/150W V-S010
Highlight 2000 14.5V/90W V-S011
Lamp Socket For Use WithLamp Socket TypePart Number
BHT, BHTU LS20H-M Replacement Socket 5-S119
BX40; BX41, BX45; SZX U-LS30-4 Replacement Socket 5-UL1034

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