Mitutoyo MF-UB1010D High-Power Multi-Function Measuring Microscope, X/Y/Z-axis Measurement System, XY Stage Travel Range: 4 x 4" / 100 x 100mm

MIT176-876-10, MIT378-018, MIT176-446A
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The MF measuring microscopes can be combined with Mitutoyo's vision unit to boost its performance and data management on a PC, further improving measuring efficiency and productivity.

Free Installation & Calibration on all Mitutoyo MF and MF-U Models.


  • Observation with a clear and flareless erect image and a wide field of view
  • Measuring accuracy that is highest in its class (and conforms to JIS B 7153)
  • Proven high-NA objectives from the FS optical system (long-working distance type)
  • Integration of metallurgical and measurement microscope functions provides high-resolution observation and high-accuracy measurement solution
  • Illumination unit (reflected/transmitted) selectable from a high-intensity LED or halogen bulb (required)
  • Variable aperture diaphragm (reflected/transmitted) allows for contrast adjustment
  • Variety of standardized stages in sizes up to 400 x 200 mm
  • Quick-release mechanism useful for moving the stage quickly when measuring workpieces that are large in size or quantity
  • High-magnification eyepiece observation up to 4000X
  • 1 Year warranty

Product Specifications

Optical tube Tilting optical tube is provided as standard
TV camera port for all models (observation/TV camera = 50/50)*4 is provided as standard
Reticle (broken cross-hair, line width: 5μm) is provided as standard
Various reticles are optional.
Incline angle Angle of column: 0-30°
Observation image Erect image
Observation method Bright-field observation
Eyepiece 10X (eyepiece field number: 24) is provided as standard
15X, 20X are optional.
Turret Manual or Motor drive
Objective Bright-field (BF) M Plan Apo, G Plan Apo series
Measuring accuracy*2 (X and Y axis, when not loaded) (2.2+0.02L) µm L: measuring length (mm)
Minimum reading High accuracy digital scale is mounted
1/0.5/0.1μm switchable
Z-Axis feed mechanism Manual handles on both sides (coarse: 30mm/rotation, fine: 0.2mm/rotation)
Z-Axis max. workpiece height 6" / 150mm
Stage measurement range 4 x 4" / 100 x 100mm
Stage max. table loading 22lbs / 10kg
Stage feed mechanism Manual and Quick-release mechanism (zero-set switch is incorporated)
Stage swiveling angle -
Internal light source LED Illumination Unit:
White LED (transmitted/vertical reflected), no step modulated light
Halogen Illumination Unit:
12V 50W halogen (transmitted), no step modulated light
12V 100W (vertical reflected), no step modulated light
15V 150W (vertical reflected), no step modulated light are optional.
External light source Dual swan-neck light pipe are optional.
Output RS-232C output, USB output for Vision Unit
Main unit dimensions 562 x 730 x 667mm
Control unit dimensions -
Control unit for illumination dimensions 114 x 360 x 96mm
Mass Approx. 70kg
Max. power consumption*3 LED: 55W
Halogen: 190W (vertical reflected 12V 100W) and 240W (vertical reflected 15V 150W)
AC power input connector: 100-240V

*2 Measured in conformance with JIS B 7153
*3 Optional accessory is NOT target (Main unit and required optional illumination are target)
*4 C-mount is required separately.

Turret Choices

Supported observation Bright field (M Plan Apo/G Plan Apo)
Model No. 378-018 378-016 378-216
Driving method Manual Electric
Objective positions 4 5

Objective Choices

M Plan Apo Objectives
Compatible observation method: Bright-field observation, simple polarized observation, differential interference observation
Advantage: Plan apochromat lenses free of spherical aberration/chromatic aberration are adopted to obtain images with excellent color reproducibility without blur over the entire field of view.

M Plan Apochromat Brightfield Objectives
Model No. Magnification N.A. W.D. Focal distance Resolving power Focal depth View field
with eyepiece
View field with
CCD camera
378-800-3 1X 0.025 11.0mm 200mm 11.0μm 440μm ø24mm 4.8 x 6.4mm
378-801-6 2X 0.055 34.0mm 100mm 5.0μm 91μm ø12mm 2.4 x 3.2mm
378-802-6 5X 0.14 34.0mm 40mm 2.0μm 14.0μm ø4.8mm 0.96 x 1.28mm
378-807-3 7.5X 0.21 35.0mm 26.67mm 1.3μm 6.2μm ø3.6mm 0.64 x 0.85mm
378-803-3 10X 0.28 34.0mm 20mm 1.0μm 3.5μm ø2.4mm 0.48 x 0.64mm
378-804-3 20X 0.42 20.0mm 10mm 0.7μm 1.6μm ø1.2mm 0.24 x 0.32mm
378-805-3 50X 0.55 13.0mm 4mm 0.5μm 0.9μm ø0.48mm 0.10 x 0.13mm
378-806-3 100X 0.70 6.0mm 2mm 0.4μm 0.6μm ø0.24mm 0.05 x 0.06mm
M Plan Apochromat Brightfield Super Long (SL) Working Distance Objectives
378-810-3 20X 0.28 30.5mm 10mm 1.0μm 3.5μm ø1.2mm 0.24 x 0.32mm
378-811-15 50X 0.42 20.5mm 4mm 0.7μm 1.6μm ø0.48mm 0.10 x 0.13mm
378-813-3 100X 0.55 13.0mm 2mm 0.5μm 0.9μm ø0.24mm 0.05 x 0.06mm
378-816-3 200X 0.62 13.0mm 1mm 0.4μm 0.7μm ø0.12mm 0.025 x 0.03mm
M Plan Apochromat High Resolution (HR) Brightfield Objectives
378-814-4 50X 0.75 5.2mm 4mm 0.4μm 0.49μm ø0.48mm 0.10 x 0.13mm
378-815-4 100X 0.90 1.3mm 2mm 0.3μm 0.34μm ø0.24mm 0.05 x 0.06mm

G Plan Apo Objectives
Compatible observation method: Observation through a cover glass
Advantage: Correction design is performed so as to obtain optimal observation images when observing through the glass. (Corrected on the basis of BK7 and a cover glass thickness of 3.5mm. Custom order of other glass material and thickness is also available.)

G Plan Apochromat Brightfield Objectives with Cover Slip Corrections
Model No. Magnification N.A. W.D. Focal distance Resolving power Focal depth View field
with eyepiece
View field with
CCD camera
378-847 20X 0.28 29.42mm* 10mm 1.0μm 3.5μm ø1.2mm 0.24 x 0.32mm
378-848-3 50X 0.50 13.89mm* 4mm 0.6μm 1.1μm ø0.48mm 0.10 x 0.13mm

* Air conversion


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