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Mitutoyo Measuring Microscope

Mitutoyo Measuring Microscopes

Mitutoyo measuring microscopes measure accuracy that is highest in its class and provide observation with a clear wide field of view.

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We offer Mitutoyo microscopes for sale with high-quality optics and accessories. In 1934, more than 80 years ago, Yehan Numata founded a research laboratory at Musashi Nitta in Tokyo, Japan, for the domestic production of Mitutoyo micrometers. This eventually became what is now known as Mitutoyo Corporation, a manufacturing giant specializing in metrology and measuring instruments. From there, Mitutoyo has grown to be one of the most innovative, historically rich, and well-recognized global brands leading in the manufacturing and sales of precision measuring products. Mitutoyo has long been considered the world leader in metrology.

At New York Microscope Company, we offer a full line of Mitutoyo microscopes, hardness testers, gages, LWD objectives, and Mitutoyo digital calipers. All of the Mitutoyo parts and accessories are made with high-quality optical equipment.

A global company providing inspection and measurement services, Mitutoyo America Corporation, was founded in 1963 and is located in Aurora, IL. The Mitutoyo microscopes are still made in Japan, but they must meet strict standards and are inspected for quality control before being shipped from the US location.

Mitutoyo Microscopes for Sale

We are immensely proud to offer these cutting-edge Mitutoyo microscopes and products at our exclusive prices for our customers. The Mitutoyo MF microscopes series are one of their most successful series. Mitutoyo microscope cameras showcase crisp, high-resolution observation, and Mitutoyo products have rigorous precision, options for illumination units, such as reflected or transmitted, and various aperture diaphragms. The FS-70 series takes the respected optical system developed for the best-selling Mitutoyo microscope FS 60 models and elevates them further with additional enhancements, making this model an excellent choice for a semiconductor probe station.

For the toolmaker, the Mitutoyo TM series of measuring microscopes may be your perfect choice. This Mitutoyo measuring microscope model is well-suited for measuring the dimensions and angles of machined metals and can also be used to check the shape of the screws and gears by attaching an optional reticle. Additionally, the TM series comes with a compact body that makes it ideal for use on shop floors where space is limited.

Mitutoyo Microscope Applications

Excellent for measuring applications, the Mitutoyo measuring microscopes provide precision measuring and accuracy. The Mitutoyo microscopes for sale are used for the inspection of machined and manufacturing parts. These Mitutoyo measuring microscopes are prominent in quality control applications as well.

Features of Mitutoyo Microscopes

Our line of Mitutoyo microscopes for sale is available with auto-focus and high-magnification features. These optical instruments are affordable and built with durable materials for a sturdy construction. At New York Microscope Company, we offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee on all of our microscopes, including the Mitutoyo microscopes.

Should you be looking to customize your Mitutoyo microscopes or purchase additional Mitutoyo products and accessories, look no further than our vast inventory. Narrow down your search by using our convenient filters to search by accessories, applications, parts, Mitutoyo calipers, or choose to display featured best-selling, and more.