Mitutoyo FS70L4 Standard Microscope Body for Semiconductor Inspection, Brightfield, Laser

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  • Erect Image Trinocular (50/50, 100/100), Erect Image Tilting Trinocular (50/50)
  • Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Optics
  • Siedentopf Design Trinocular Body Tube
  • Choice of WF10x/24 or WF20x/12 eyepieces
  • FS70L4 - Main Body 1X for Two Wave Length Ranges 532/266nm*
  • Brightfield Objective Magnification Selections from 1x to 200x
  • Extra Long Working Distance Plan Apochromat Objectives
  • Laser Cutting Objectives
  • Long Working Distance Plan Objectives for IR, NIR, UV and NUV applications
  • Reverse 4x Nosepiece
  • Optional Motorized 4x Centerable Nosepiece
  • Six-foot Cable Remote Intensity Control for Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Concentric Coarse and Fine Focus -0.1mm Rev /Fine Focus
  • Manual Focus Block
  • 1 Year warranty

* Mitutoyo assumes no responsibility for the performance and/or safety of the laser system used with Mitutoyo microscopes.

Product Specifications

Part #
Short Base Model
Part #
Focus adjustment 50mm travel range with concentric coarse (3.8mm/rev) and fine (0.1mm/rev) focusing wheels (right / left)
Image Erect image
Pupil distance Siedentopf type, adjustment range: 2 - 3" / 51 - 76mm
Field number 24
Tilt angle - 0° - 20°
Optical pass ratio 100/0 or 0/100
Protective filter Built-in laser beam filter
Tube lens 1x
Applicable laser 532/266nm
Camera mount C-mount receptacle (with green filter switch)
Illumination system, optional Reflective illumination for bright field (Koehler illumination, with aperture diaphragm)
12V 100W fiber optics, non-stepped adjustment, light guide length: 1.5m, power consumption 150W
Objective, optional
(for observation)
M Plan Apo, M Plan Apo SL, G Plan Apo
Objective, optional
(for laser-cutting)
M Plan UV
Loading weight* 31lbs / 13.9kg 29lbs / 13.1kg
Mass (main unit) 14.5lbs / 6.7kg 16.5lbs / 7.5kg

*Loading weight on optical tube excluding weight of objective lenses and eyepieces.

Turret Choices

Supported observation Bright field (M Plan Apo/G Plan Apo)
Model No. 378-018 378-016A 378-216A
Driving method Manual Electric
Objective positions 4 5

Objective Choices

M Plan Apo Objectives: 1x, 2x, 5x, 7.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x or 100x
M Plan Apo Super Long (SL) Working Distance Objectives: 20x, 50x, 100x or 200x
M Plan Apo High Resolution (HR) Objectives: 50x or 100x
Compatible observation method: Bright-field observation, simple polarized observation, differential interference observation
Advantage: Plan apochromat lenses free of spherical aberration/chromatic aberration are adopted to obtain images with excellent color reproducibility without blur over the entire field of view.

G Plan Apo Objectives: 20x or 50x
Compatible observation method: Observation through a cover glass
Advantage: Correction design is performed so as to obtain optimal observation images when observing through the glass. (Corrected on the basis of BK7 and a cover glass thickness of 3.5mm. Custom order of other glass material and thickness is also available.)

M Plan UV Objectives: 10x, 20x, 50x or 80x
Compatible observation method: Ultraviolet radiation range objectives for bright field observation and laser applications.
Performance optimized for ultraviolet (266nm) and visible wavelengths.

LCD Plan UV Objectives: 20x or 50x
Compatible observation method: Ultraviolet radiation range objectives for bright field observation and laser applications through the LCD glass (with cover-glass thickness compensation).
Designed to observe a specimen through glass 0.7mm thick.

Optional Stand: For mounting the VMU, WIDE VMU, or FS70 microscope unit. Can be combined with an XY stage, stage illumination unit and fiber-optic illuminator to work as a compact microscope for surface observation.

Optional Illumination:
Stage illumination unit (Transmitted): Attaches to the stand to provide contour illumination in conjunction with a fiber-optic illuminator (100W or 150W).
Fiber-optic Illumination Unit (Reflective): 12V 100W Halogen illumination unit or 12V 150W Halogen illumination unit.


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