Microscope Repair & Maintenance Services

Professional Microscope Maintenance

New York Microscope Company, located in the heart of Long Island and centrally located close to New York City, New York, specializes in microscope service and repair, boasting over 100 years of combined professional service experience. We are an authorized microscope repair facility for many of the leading big-brand microscope manufacturers. Because we have one of the largest assortments of microscope parts and accessories, we can repair even hard-to-find, discontinued models of microscopes. Our highly skilled factory-trained technicians in our microscope service and repair department are ready to restore microscopes, old or new, in a professional, timely fashion.

Technician repairing microscope

Complete Authorized Microscope Repair Service for Laboratory Equipment

Soldering microscope boardAs part of our quality microscope service, our microscope technicians will calibrate, test, and inspect each microscope to ensure maximum mechanical and optical performance. During the microscope repair and restoration process, we do our best to use original factory microscope parts. All the microscopes we repair have a six month warranty, excluding items such as bulbs and fuses.

We offer on-site microscope cleaning and maintenance services as well as repair services to most locations in the US and globally. Please contact us for details regarding your specific microscope service request. We welcome all microscope repair services for government and military agencies, industry, schools and universities, hospitals, laboratories, research facilities, medical schools, veterinary clinics, and quality control facilities, etc.

Microscope Preventative Maintenance Service

Microscopes are valuable, high-tech optical instruments, which require proper maintenance. Routine microscope preventative maintenance ensures that the microscope will last for years and that it is in good working order for your facility to run efficiently.

At New York Microscope Company, our microscope preventative maintenance service includes the following:

  • Disassemble, clean, degrease, lubricate, and reset moving parts to factory specifications.
  • Remove, clean, check, and parfocal all optics.
  • Clean interior prisms and inspect them for proper alignment.
  • Remove, clean, and align the sub-stage condenser (if required).
  • Test and set the electrical system to factory specifications.
  • Performance Check focusing mechanisms.
  • Reassemble and individually test each microscope with a slide under all objectives.
  • Six month warranty on mechanical and optical defects
  • Six month warranty on electrical repairs and parts

Microscope Cleaning Services

We offer microscope cleaning and maintenance services to help you take care of the valuable optical equipment. It’s critical that you clean your microscopes often to extend the life of the scope. Our professional microscope service technicians can thoroughly clean the microscope - restoring it to perfect condition.

In addition to a full microscope cleaning service by our expert technicians, we recommend the following tips for microscope care and use:

  • After each use, wipe down the base of the microscope to remove dust.
  • Use lens paper and lens cleaning solution, if needed, to clean the lenses of the microscope properly. Never use anything abrasive, and do not touch the lens directly.
  • Turn off the illuminator when not in use. Wait for the lightbulbs to cool before storing them, and never touch the bulbs. Doing so may reduce the quality of light as well as decrease the longevity of how long the light bulbs will last.
  • Clean the objectives carefully.
  • Store the microscope in a dry place with the microscope dust cover to ensure that no dust particles collect on the scope.
  • Always store the scope with the eyepieces so that no dust can get into the mechanical parts of the microscope.

These microscope cleaning services are all available from the experts in microscope maintenance services.

Local & Global Microscope Service & Repair

New York Microscope Company offers on-site microscope service and repair in New York City, but we also service upstate New York, including Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Hudson, Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess, Columbia, Delaware, Green, Albany Counties, and beyond. We service microscopes for the state of New Jersey and Connecticut as well. If you are located farther away and would like to send your microscope to our in-house service facility, we will gladly send you packing material so that you can safely send us your microscope for evaluation. Please see below.


Our fees vary depending upon the type of microscope and maintenance required. Due to the difficulty in evaluating a microscope without seeing it firsthand, we require you to send your microscope to our facility before we can give you an accurate quote on a microscope maintenance service. Our technicians will do a complete evaluation and advise you of the microscope repair service costs, but please know that you are under no obligation to repair your optical equipment.

To do a proper evaluation, microscopes and microscope parts must be disassembled and evaluated by a microscope repair technician. There is a $50 evaluation fee for each monocular microscope and a $75 fee for each binocular microscope. Small, non-optical parts, such as mechanical stages, require a $25 evaluation fee. All optical components, such as objectives, condensers, and binocular bodies, require a $50 evaluation fee. All evaluation fees will be waived and deducted from the microscope repair service estimate should you decide to have your item repaired or replaced.

Microscope Shipping Costs

Return shipping, handling, and insurance are approximately $15.00 for small parts (such as objectives and small components), $25.00 for each monocular microscope, and $45.00 for each binocular or trinocular microscope. Higher shipping charges apply for unusually large microscopes within the mainland forty-eight states.

New York Microscope Company is not responsible for any microscope(s)/parts/equipment left in our shop facility after 120 days if the customer refuses to pay for repair, estimate, or return shipping, or does not respond to our attempts to advise estimate. (We have the right to dispose of or keep all shop repairs left unclaimed for over 120 days).

Should you desire to send us any item for repair, print out the Microscope Repair Authorization Form below, and include the appropriate evaluation fee with the return shipping charges.