Microscope Eyepieces

Microscope eyepieces are critical to a user’s experience with a microscope. Also called an ocular lens, the eyepiece lens of a microscope produces a magnified image in conjunction with the microscope objective, which enables the human eye to see the specimen under the scope. Add microscope accessories to your purchase of an ocular lens like eyeguards. These eyeshields play a role in providing comfort to the user, reducing eye strain when using the eyepieces. Eyeguards for microscope eyepieces reduce the glare, block external light sources, and align the user’s eyes to the ocular lens.

Our microscope eyepieces can be used with or without prescription glasses, as the ocular lens has eyecups that can either be taken off completely or folded over to accommodate eyewear. The eyepiece ocular lens provides a standard 10x magnification starting point when viewing specimens. Our ocular eyepieces work well with both compound and stereo microscopes. The microscope eyepieces are compatible with many of our microscope brands, including ACCU-SCOPE, LABOMED, Olympus, and Leica Microsystems. We also offer microscope eyepiece cameras to capture images of the specimen being observed under the microscope.

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