Meiji Microscope Bulbs

Note: Incident light shines down from above; transmitted light shines up through the specimen from below.

For Use WithBulb TypePart Number
MA111 12V 10W Incident light: ST-3, SKT-1B, SKT-2B, SKT-3B, GS2000 Incident & transmitted light: SKT-BT, SKT-2BT, SKT-3BT Transmitted light: STC-3
MA260/05 6V 20W Halogen For MA260, MA264H, and MA264EX illuminators
MA261/SL-10 115V 20W For "B" Stand and MA261/35 (TM200 Series illuminator)
MA263/05 115V 30W For MA263 illuminators
MA263/10 220/240V 30W For MA263 illuminators
MA264/05 6.5V 2.75A For MA264 illuminators
MA275/05 12V 50W For ML5000 Series 50W models; ML7500, ML8500 All MT7500, MT8500 series.
For Use WithBulb TypePart Number
MA305/05 8W Ring Fluorescent For MA305/100, MA305/200 ring fluorescent illuminators
MA309/05 4W Tube Fluorescent For MA309 fluorescent box illuminators for GEM stand
MA326 6V 30W Halogen (G4 base type) For ML2000 and ML5000 Series 30W models; All VT Series Models, IM7100, IM7200, ML2000, ML7000, ML8000, ML9000, TC5100, TC5200, TC5300, TC5400, TC5500, TC5600 All MT Series 30W models; all RZT & RZDT Stands
MA350/10 115V 30W For GEM stand transmitted light
MA350/20 220/240V 30W<< /td> For GEM stand transmitted light
MA361/10 110V 20W Half-silvered bulb for TM400 Series 20W models
MA361/20 220/240V 20W Half-silvered bulb for TM400 Series 20W models
For Use WithBulb TypePart Number
MA560 6V 1.2A Tungsten Incident light: AB, ABZ, PB Stands All BM/BMK Series models
MA561 6V 1.2A Tungsten Transmitted light: AB, ABZ, PB Stands
Note: MA560 and MA561 may appear to be identical, but they are not interchangeable.
MA570 6V 10W Halogen Incident & transmitted light: ABE, ABH, ABZH, PBH Stands
FL150/70 21V 150W Halogen For Fiber Optic Light sources: All FT190 and FL150 Series
FL180/70 21V 150W Halogen For FL180, FL181 & FL182 fiber optic illuminators
MA357 8V 12W Tungsten Frosted - Fits Meiji Techno MT5500 Series Microscopes
MA358 8V 12W Tungsten Clear - Fits Meiji Techno MT5500 Series Microscopes
MA590 110V 15W Tungsten Frosted - Fits Meiji Techno PBM Series Stands
For Use WithBulb TypePart Number
BA005 HBO 100W Mercury DC Arc Lamp TC5000 Series & MT6000 Series Equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses
BA013 XBO 75W Xenon DC Arc Lamp
BA014 XBO 100W Xenon DC Arc Lamp

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