Meiji TC-5100E Inverted Ergonomic Binocular Brightfield Microscope

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The TC Series makes routine examining of tissue cultures, microbes and other live specimens in petri dishes and culture bottles fast and easy while delivering an excellent performance-to-cost ratio compared to other quality manufactures. The TC Series is available in brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models. A great feature of the TC5000 Series Microscopes is that they have an integrated front mounted camera port with adapters available for 35mm, CCD, CMOS and other cameras that come standard on the binocular models.

Each configured model comes with 10x Super Widefield eyepieces, a quintuple smooth operating ball bearing mounted objective changer and an assortment of newly designed Planachromat Infinity corrected objectives for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. The condenser on the brightfield and phase models has a N.A. of 0.30 with an extra long working distance of 73mm. A powerful 6v 30w halogen illumination system with pre-centered bulb provides enhanced image quality and brightness. There is an optional attachable mechanical stage available that measures 112mm (x) x 72mm (Y) and a variety of other objectives, eyepieces and accessories available. This microscope is recommended where critical viewing is required. Included with this microscope is a manufactures lifetime warranty.

Product Specifications

Viewing Head Ergonomic Siedentopf type binocular head, eyepiece inclination adjustable vertically from 10° to 50° degrees, Interpupillary adjustment 53mm to 75mm, graduated diopter on left eyetube (30mm I.D. eyetubes)
Eyepieces SWH10x Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30.0 mm
Nosepiece Quintuple
Objectives LWD Planachromat 10x, 20x
Condenser TC Condenser N.A. 0.30, W.D. 73.0mm
Stage 180mm(X) x 245mm(Y) plain stage with replaceable glass insert with 45mm opening, Glass Stage plate insert
Illumination Koehler without iris, with phase slider, 6V 30W halogen

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