Meiji MT4000V Veterinary LCD Digital Microscope Package

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Meiji Techno America's Veterinary Series is our preconfigured Compound Biological Series catered to the Veterinary market. The Veterinary series is a useful tool for any clinical practice. Many Veterinary clinics have in house laboratory microscopes. It you are a starting Veterinarian and in search of the most practical laboratory microscope with a wider field of view and smooth operating mechanical stage with a full suite of Infinity objectives which includes Planachromat Semi Apo 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, S100x oil. Equipped with a Abbe Condenser that is has a Numerical Aperture of 1.25, coarse and fine focus knobs with a stage lock and tension adjustment ring and a transmitted LED or Halogen light base that is auto-voltage sensing.

Advancement in microscope standards have led to the development of Meiji Techno Americas Infinity Corrected Optical System (ICOS) with a standard tube length of 200mm. The objective length, the distance from the object to the shoulder of the objective is showing signs of standardization. Meiji Techno's Veterinary Series comes in a binocular, trinocular or ergonomic binocular and ergonomic Trinocular models to accommodate users of different heights.


  • Biological Veterinary Brightfield Compound Microscope (Binocular or Trinocular Inclined at 30°) or Ergonomic Models (Inclined at 10° - 50°)
  • 10x Eyepieces (23.2mm Compensating Eyepiece) Paired - (accepts a 21mm reticle)
  • Brightfield Transmitted light stand with LED or Halogen and is Auto Voltage sensing 110-240V
  • Equipped with Planachromat Semi Apo 4x, 10x, 20x, S40x, S100x oil Infinity Corrected Objectives F=200mm
  • Ceramic coated flat-top stage, 170mm x 140mm, 80mm x 52mm X-Y movement with right hand drop-down coaxial controls
  • Coarse and Fine focus knob with a stage lock and a tension adjustment ring
  • Abbe Condenser with N.A. 1.25 with built in Iris

Microscope Specifications

Viewing Head Available Models: Binocular, Ergonomic Binocular, Trinocular, Ergonomic Trinocular
Eyepiece 10x Widefield High Eyepoint eyepieces F.N.20 are standard.
Nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece.
Objectives Planachromat Semi Apo 4x, 10x, 20x, S40x, S100x oil.
Stage Ceramic Coated Fixed flat-top left or right-handed controls.
Condenser Abbe NA 1.25 in dovetail mount.
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls with graduation reading 2 microns per division. Range of travel is 23mm. Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever.
Illumination Available Models: LED Illumination, 30W Halogen Illumination

The HD1000-LITE-M is Meiji Techno America's Affordable HDMI / USB2.0 camera technology from Meiji Techno! It is the most economical HDMI & USB 2.0 camera in the market. You can easily operate the HD1000-LITE-M camera by directly connecting it to a monitor with a HDMI port without a PC and directly save images into an on-board SD-4G card on the camera, or connect the camera directly to your PC or MAC as it has a standard USB 2.0 interface to utilize the full annotation/software function

The camera quickly reacts to lighting changes in any life science, clinical or material applications. With video output via HDMI connector, the setting menu allows easy access to feature settings.


  • 5MP Still Capture resolution 2592 x 1944
  • 1920 x 1080 - 15 fps (frame per second) / 1080P HDMI via HDMI
  • 1920 x 1080 - 15 fps / 1080p by USB 2.0 via USB 2.0


  • HDMI scientific imaging solution with a 1/2.5" inch sensor size by Micron MT9p001
  • 2.2 x 2.2 Pixel size (um) color camera
  • 5.0 MP effective pixel and a max resolution of 2592 x 1944
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Scan mode is progressive with a rolling shutter
  • Interface 1 is HDMI
  • Interface 2 is USB 2.0
  • Frame rate is 15 fps (frame per second) / 1080P HDMI
  • 15fps (frame per second) / 1080p by USB 2.0, frame rate streaming direct to monitor
  • Color Depth is 24 Bit
  • A/D 8bit
  • Exposure control is Manual /Auto
  • Integration time is 1ms-10s
  • White balance is Manual/Auto
  • Responsivity 1.4V/ lux-sec
  • Dynamic range is 70.1dB
  • SNR is 38.1dB
  • Optical Port: Standard Female "C" mount thread
  • Capture: H4SD card (4G) Included
  • Built in Software: Cloud 1.0 version
  • Compatible OS: XP, Win 7/8, 32/64bit, MAC 0SX

The significant innovation of the HD1000-LITE-M is making the software implant inside the camera. This forward thinking feature frees users from cumbersome computers and annoying buttons. You can control the camera by only a mouse directly.

Perfect Color Reproduction
Meiji's HD technology offers true-to-life reproduction of image color. What you see on the monitor is what you get from the microscope eyepiece. NO compressed data transmission, resulting in scientific-grade images.

HDMI+USB 2.0+SD Output
Multiple output options are available for this powerful HDMI camera. HDMI 1080P, USB 2.0, or SD memory card can be used individually or all three SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Dual FPGA Processors
With an innovative Dual FPGA processor architecture design, FPGA1 for image quality processing and FPGA2 for image output control, you get a high-speed preview without sacrificing image quality. It is the most powerful camera you deserve to have.

Smart Presentation
Camera parameters such as exposure time, white balance, and gain are designed by default to operate automatically. Automatic optimum configuration is expected to be done in 0.015 seconds, and you'll find that the camera is easily managed from the start.

Advanced Parameter Setting
For users with specific requirements, the camera is designed with parameter setting buttons that enable manual adjustment of white balance, gain, saturation, Gamma and screen freeze.

PC to TV
Images are displayable on PCs and HDMI-installed TVs. All parameters can be controlled by the computer to adjust them to actual situations. This is advantageous in teaching and meeting applications.

On-board Video Saving
The MicroSD card can save not only still images, but also dynamic images in 720P color definition, such that motion trails are recorded in fast speed and intact form.

Low Light Sensitivity
Thanks to its highly sensitive sensor, the HD1000-LITE-M is capable of capturing low-light images rapidly. In darkfield imaging and even fluorescence, it will automatically increase the sensitivity, presenting low light images with clarity in high-speed preview mode.

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