Leica DM500 Microscope Series

Empowering Life Science Exploration

Discover the world of microscopy with the Leica DM500 Microscope Series, meticulously designed for entry-level life science courses. This series simplifies the intricate process of microscopic observation, making it an ideal choice for students and educators alike.

Plug and Play Simplicity for Immediate Exploration

Experience the convenience of "plug and play" with the Leica DM500. Its intuitive design allows users to start their microscopic journey with ease - simply turn it on, place the specimen slide, focus, and immerse yourself in the fascinating microscopic world.

Advanced LED Illumination: A Clearer View at Every Magnification

The Leica DM500 stands out with its LED illumination system. Engineered for even lighting across the entire field of view, it eliminates the need for constant adjustments, ensuring a consistently clear and bright image regardless of magnification.

Versatile Viewing Head: Binocular and Trinocular

Choose between binocular and trinocular viewing heads, each equipped with the EZTube™ for safe and effortless rotation. This feature enhances the observational flexibility, catering to a range of educational and research requirements.

Innovative Condenser: Precision Without the Hassle

Featuring a pre-centered, pre-focused Abbe condenser, the DM500 removes the complexities of adjustments. The inclusion of a 4-position phase slider with brightfield and phase capabilities enriches the viewing experience, making it versatile for various observational needs.

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