Euromex iScope Microscope Series

We offer a selection of Euromex iScope microscopes that are available in a variety of configurations, making them useful for life sciences, academic settings, and routine medical applications. iScope microscopes are equipped with the innovative Smart Light Control (SLC) system, which automatically memorizes the last used illumination intensity brightness for each individual objective. This means that when you switch between objectives, the SLC system remembers the intensity, and you can avoid adjusting it constantly, speeding up your workflow.

iScope compound microscopes also feature encoded nosepieces that support all available objectives and update the SLC system with the objective currently in use, enabling seamless illumination intensity adjustment.

The LCD screen at the front of the iScope microscope displays important information such as magnification and light intensity settings, as well as sleep and lock modes. All of these features are easily controlled with just one button, making the iScope microscope user-friendly and efficient. Choose the Euromex iScope microscope for a superior microscope experience in any laboratory environment.

Euromex iScope Overview

Euromex iScope Setup and Tutorial

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