Beer Brewing and Wine Making Microscopes

The most commonly used microscopes are brightfield, phase or fluorescence microscopes which offer the wine vintner or beer maker the ability to view different type of bacteria, wort, mold and yeast cells.

In a brewery, the beer microscope will be primarily used for identifying and counting yeast cells with the help of a hemocytometer placed on the stage of the microscope. The winemaker needs to be able to distinguish between bacteria, yeast, and fungi under the wine microscope. Additionally, to be able to identify living organisms from debris such as plant cells, crystals, filter and fining agents, etc. under the microscope.

Phase contrast microscopes are used to increase contrast (with unstained specimens) in order to examine bacteria and yeast in the wine making and beer brewing process.

For more detailed information on the methodology for beer brewing, please refer to Braukaiser: Microscope use in brewing.

For more detailed information on the methodology for winemaking, please refer to UCDavis Enology: Microscopy for the Winery.

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