SheerVision V-Ray Surgical & Dental Headlight System

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SheerVision's V-Ray™ Headlight System offers bright, focused Illumination in a new compact, super-light, fully portable design.

The V-Ray headlight offers the best price/performance ratio in the industry, so you get the performance you need, but at an affordable price. It is one of the most technologically advanced LED surgical headlights ever created. With the introduction of the V-Ray you won't have to sacrifice light performance for weight or for price.

With a powerful lamp Intensity of 9,000+ foot candles (97,200+ lux) this unit outshines the beam from all other lights in its class. It has surprising edge-to-edge brightness and its hands-free operation lets you focus on your procedures, while the ultra-light lithium-polymer-gel smart batteries each provide 6+ hours of uninterrupted use. Weighing less than 0.6 ounces/15 grams, the V-Ray is exceptionally lightweight. Plus with its unique radiant heat sink design that it shares exclusively with other SheerVision surgical headlights and dental headlights - it does not build up heat as other designs are often prone to.

Engineered from the finest quality materials to fit any loupe or attach to two different headband models, the V-Ray headlight comes with all the accessories you'll need for use in surgery or dentistry, including one 6-hour lithium polymer gel smart battery packs and an 110V-240V charging system.


  • Superior light uniformity allows you to see everything, without any shadows.
  • The beam is a nearly perfect white color to aid in dental color matching techniques.
  • Totally portable, hands-free directed illumination allows you to go from room to room, without being tied down. Great for Surgical, Dental, Dental Hygiene, and Veterinary use.
  • The V-Ray can be customized to mount onto your surgical loupes or dental loupes due to its lightweight design, or it also can be ordered with a choice of two headband models.


  • Ultra High-intensity light source (97,200 lux / 9,000 foot candles)
  • Loupe mounting clip (any major brand)
  • One ultralight lithium-polymer-gel smart battery 6+ hour battery pack
  • 110V-240V battery charger
  • User manual
  • One year warranty


  • Lamp Type - LED - Light Emitting Diode
  • Color Temperature - Pure White - 6,000 to 7,000 Kelvin
  • Lamp Intensity 9,000 foot candles / 97,200 lux (minimum)
  • Expected Lamp Life - 50,000 hours
  • Adjustable light intensity level with each smart battery
  • Each battery includes a battery level indicator & a swivel-type belt clip
  • Can be cleaned with alcohol
  • Battery charger rated for 100v-240v and 50Hz-60Hz


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