Digital Microscopes

As technology continues to advance, keep your class lessons, lectures, and professions on the cutting edge of innovation for maximum efficiency with our state-of-the-art digital microscopes. Utilizing the leading innovations with cameras, software, and more—take your work to the next level with our digital microscopes for sale.

Wireless and handheld digital microscopes display real-time video and images on TV-style monitors or computer monitors, allowing professionals to email images of their slides to their laboratories from remote locations worldwide. This streamlined technology assists the medical, scientific, and educational fields in making faster, more efficient lessons, observations, and diagnoses.

Complete with a CMOS digital camera, our digital microscopes will competently replicate accurate colors, in most cases, yielding clean, sharp imagery. For research that requires exact color reproduction and intensive details, we recommend browsing our selection of high-end digital microscope cameras featuring higher megapixels. For any low-light applications such as fluorescence, we offer an excellent selection of CCD digital camera microscopes with precise and effective light sensor chips.

Digital microscopes are the ideal instruments for your critical analysis, documentation, parts, components, or samples during research and development. The ability to display the image of your samples on a monitor means that any user can view and analyze immediately using software, primarily when a high sample throughput must be achieved daily.

Our full range of wireless digital microscopes in this collection offer features that can aid all users, professional and amateur alike, with:

  • Rapid acquisition of high-resolution digital images
  • Fast live image display to attain high sample throughput
  • The need to look at samples from various viewing angles

Digital Microscopes FAQs

Some of the most common questions related to digital microscopes are:

What are digital microscopes?

An alternative to a traditional microscope, our digital microscopes have cameras that produce high-resolution images using a computer screen or a TV monitor to show results instead of viewing the specimen through an eyepiece. Our digital microscopes use special software to view the images on the screens.

What are the types of digital microscopes for sale?

At New York Microscope, we offer many types of digital microscopes for sale, including biological, fluorescence, inverted, metallurgical, phase, polarizing, stereo, handheld, and portable digital microscopes.

What are the best applications for digital microscopes?

There are many different applications for digital microscopes. We offer digital microscopes for sale for beer brewing and winemaking, veterinary, cannabis, hair transplants, cytology and pathology, microsurgical, dental, measuring, failure analysis, mud logging, gout, forensic comparison, live blood cell applications, and more.

What are average digital microscope prices?

When shopping for digital microscopes, buyers can expect a wide price range. At New York Microscope Company, we offer a wide assortment of high-quality digital microscopes for sale ranging in price from $69 to almost $52,000. The digital microscope cost is based on the quality of the application. Some microscope applications require simple or complex digital.

Do digital microscopes use cameras?

Yes, our digital microscopes use digital cameras and optics to produce high-quality images of both samples and specimens that can be viewed on external screens or monitors. This allows our digital microscopes to display the results in real time with the software. This software lets users record videos, capture images, and edit these images and videos.

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