Binocular Compound Microscopes

Binocular microscopes are arguably the most popular compound microscope design since they are physically more comfortable than their monocular counterparts and more straightforward than the trinocular if a digital camera/LCD screen is not required.

Some of our best selling binocular microscopes come from brands like , ACCU-SCOPE, Euromex Labomed, Meiji Techno and OPTIKA.

  • The OPTIKA B-292 Brightfield Microscope is an advanced binocular mode (also available as a trinocular model, with a digital camera, LCD screen, and flourescence) provides precise, accurate slide positioning thanks to the smooth movement of the mechanical stage. The B-290 series has been designed to fulfill all requirements of educational laboratories, allowing a pleasant and effective approach to the world of microscopy. The quality of the optics, the reliability of the mechanical parts, and the excellent price/quality ratio rank these instruments at the top of their class.
  • The ACCU-SCOPE EXC-120 LED Microscope with Achromat Objectives has been engineered to deliver exceptional value and performance for clinical and educational applications. The microscope comes equipped with sharp, high contrast Achromat objectives and features ergonomic focusing controls, all brass gears, and the widest field of view eyepieces in its class. The rugged, die-cast aluminum frame is designed for years of heavy use and is excellent for classroom use.
  • The Labomed Lx400 Cordless LED Microscope was designed for scalability, as it suits a broad range of applications and curriculum requirements. Reflecting innovations in optical and illumination design, including mechanical breakthroughs, the Lx400 delivers unparalleled performance to price value. Some of the other advantages of this microscope are the RP series Infinity Corrected Plan Achromatic objectives and Extra Widefield focusable eyepieces, which provide large and accurate images at every turn. Eco-friendly and rechargeable, its LED light sources promise a bright and even field of illumination.
  • The Meiji MT4200L Binocular Biological Microscope with LED illumination is equipped with newly designed Plan achromat Infinity Corrected objectives, which provide exceptionally bright, crisp images with a superior flat field of view. The ergonomic placement of the low positioned coaxial controls offers precise focusing and increased comfort, while the computer engineered frame’s stable operating platform allows for maximum efficiency. High luminescent LED illumination reduces the need for frequent bulb replacement.

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