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Labomed Compound Microscopes

Designed for scaleability, Labomed compound microscopes can take on a broad range of applications and deliver unparalleled performance to price value.

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Modular Stereo Microscope

Labomed Stereo Microscopes

From performing a biological dissection in high school or checking a jet engine for imperfections, Labomed stereo microscopes have you covered.

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Labomed Surgical Microscopes

Labomed surgical microscopes deliver feature rich and superior quality products for the otolaryngology, eye care, and gynecology sectors.

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Digital Inspection Microscope

Labomed Dental Microscopes

Today, more dentists than ever across restorative, periodontic, implantology, and endodontic dental disciplines are using Labomed dental microscopes to deliver a higher quality of care.

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We offer state-of-the-art LABOMED microscopes for sale that are built with the highest quality materials and workmanship. LABOMED is world-renowned and has been recognized for over 60 years for its modular line of microscopes ranging from elementary to fully expandable systems for universities and laboratories to doctors’ offices and research facilities. LABOMED has manufactured several of Leica's microscope models.

With the clarity of vision to respond to evolving needs in modern microscopy, LABOMED was founded on its unique abilities to design and manufacture high-precision microscopes and optical instruments. From design concepts to finished products, the LABOMED microscopes capture the essence of optical and mechanical perfection.

LABOMED Microscopes for Sale

New York Microscope Company offers competitive prices on all LABOMED Microscopes, including the hugely popular CXL, LX400, and TCM400. Our line of products also includes over one hundred LABOMED parts and accessories and microscope cameras. Using a LABOMED microscope with camera adapters and accessories provides the user with high-resolution images to view samples.

LABOMED Microscope Applications

We offer LABOMED stereo microscopes, ideal for use in many industries, including pharmaceutical, metallurgical, manufacturing, educational, research, industrial, medical, gemological, biological, and more. The LABOMED Surgical Microscopes are used for Dental, Gynecological (OBGYN), ENT, Ophthalmic (Ophthalmology), medical procedures, and surgery worldwide. Various configurations and accessories, including teaching assistant, motorized zoom functions, and digital cameras, are available from LABOMED to customize to your application and budget. See all of our LABOMED prima microscopes for sale as well.

LABOMED Microscope Features

LABOMED USA is an ISO 9001:2000 as well as an ISO13485:2003 company, certifying excellence in both operating and manufacturing practices. All LABOMED microscopes are UL and CE-approved, and all manufacturing facilities are FDA approved.

LABOMED is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of the highest performance-to-price ratio in microscopy products for the life sciences and medical markets.

LABOMED Principles

  • Meticulous attention given to the industrial concept of any product, making sure all customer needs are reflected through product innovations.
  • Careful synchronization of design, engineering, and production processes to ensure our vision of flawless functionality for each project is realized from end to end.
  • Thoughtful execution of quality control and product support to our network of faithful distributors so that our ultimate customer realizes the supreme value of owning a LABOMED microscope.

New York Microscope Company is the only microscope company to offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every LABOMED microscope. Visit our Free Service Protection page for more details.