Mixed Botany & Zoology Set of 50

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  • Spirogyra Vegetative
  • Yeast Budding
  • Funaria Stem
  • Pinus Female Cone Young
  • Dicot Stem
  • Fern Sporangium
  • Marchantia Thallus
  • Moss Protemema
  • Batrachospemin Vegetative
  • Rhizopus Stolon
  • Amoeba
  • Euglena
  • Earthworm Ant. Region
  • Honeybee Sting Apparatus
  • Nauplius Larva
  • Mosquito
  • Frog Liver
  • Bone Decalcified
  • Rat Liver
  • Striated Muscle
  • Dicot Root
  • Pine Needle
  • Paramcecium
  • Vorticella
  • Hydra
  • Monocot Stem
  • Oscillatoria
  • Fern Prothallus
  • Rhizophore
  • Selaginalla Stem
  • Vaucheria Vegetative
  • Stereo Focus Thallus
  • Pinus Old Root
  • Pandorina
  • Funaria Leaf
  • Lichen Thallus
  • Polysiphonia Antheridia
  • Equisetum Rhizome
  • Sponge Fermules
  • Leech Stomach
  • Butterfly Mouth Parts
  • Rat Flea
  • Frog Kidney
  • Frog Stomach
  • Frog Ovary Young
  • Frog Ovary Mature
  • Frog Skin
  • Frog Pancreas
  • Rat Kidney
  • Liver Fluke

Please note: slide sets vary from the above description. there are 50 slides included however there may be up to four duplicate slides in each set (46 guaranteed). The quality of the slides however are exceptional the manufactures error is your gain as these sets are being sold at a tremendous discount.


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