Unitron Z850 Stereo Microscope on Diascopic Stand with Fiber Optic Illuminator - 8x - 50x Magnification
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Unitron Z850 Stereo Microscope on Diascopic Stand with Fiber Optic Illuminator - 8x - 50x Magnification

Brand: UNITRON Microscope
Product Code: UN13103-FO / UN13133-FO
List Price: $2,117.00 Your Price: $1,884.00

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The Unitron Z850 is a versatile, high performance, ergonomically designed zoom stereo that outstanding optics and unsurpassed ergonomics. They are ruggedly built to withstand years of heavy usage and are available in binocular and trinocular formats. There are six different stands available for most any application. With a zoom ratio of 6 3:1 and a working distance of 115mm they provide superior optical performance at an affordable price. Each configured model has WF10x/22 mm eyepieces. There are a variety of accessories available. All microscopes have an anti mold design and come with a manufactures five year warranty and free one year extended warranty.

This low cost system is configured on a transmitted illumination stand providing bright even illumination across the entire magnification range. A tiltable mirror provides direct and oblique illumination for low contrast specimens. Included is a rear mounted halogen illuminator 6v 20w. Magnification is 8x - 50x variable zoom with the included widefield 10x eyepieces.

Optical System Twin zooming objective
Viewing Bodies Binocular (UN13103-FO) or Trinocular (UN13133-FO)
ESD Protection Viewing body is made from anti-electrostatic materials
Anti-Mold Anti-mold and airtight design
Magnification 0.8x to 5.0x with click stops at 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x
Zoom Ratio 6.3:1
Working Distance 115mm (4.5 inches)
Viewing Angle 45 degrees
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment 52mm - 75mm
Eyepieces (with diopter adjustment) WF10x/22mm with reticle holder (reticle size: 27mm)
Illuminators 150 watt fiber optic illuminator with adapter and light guide
Diascopic Stand with Transmitted Illumination Attachment 76mm focus mount diameter, 100mm focusing stroke, 255mm (l) x 310mm (d) x 382mm (h), 280 mm clear glass plate. Tiltable mirror provides direct and oblique illumination.

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ROHS Certified

Z850 Brochure
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