Unitron Auxiliary Lens for Z730 Series
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Unitron Auxiliary Lens for Z730 Series

Brand: UNITRON Microscope
Product Code: UN132-15-05 / UN132-15-06 / UN132-15-02
Your Price: $43.00

Available Options

Riser Adapter:

* Magnification:

Model Description
UN132-15-05 0.5x auxiliary objective, 180mm working distance (riser adapter required on LED and Plain Focusing Stands)
UN132-15-06 0.63x auxiliary objective, 140mm working distance
UN132-15-75 0.75x auxilary objective, 120mm working distance
UN132-15-01 1.0x auxiliary objective, 100mm working distance (required for use of fiber optic ring light)
UN132-15-02 2.0x auxiliary objective, 30mm working distance


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