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Surgical Eye Loupe Titanium Frame

Brand: Stac Vision
Product Code: STP-2.5X / 3.0X / 3.5X / 4.0X / 5.0X / 6.0X
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Surgical Eye Loupes
with Titanium Frames (Made in Canada)

Choose from a variety of microsurgery loupes ideal for dental and medical applications including general surgery, spine surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiac surgery, ophthalmic surgery, gemological and dental uses.

These are high quality optics, with titanium frames that are precision manufactured in Canada. The Ergonomic design gives you the most comfortable working posture, no strain, no pain, improved productivity day after day whether you are Dentist, Hygienist, Surgeon, Diamond Cutter or any other specialist working with micro images. With STAC Eye Loupes you will also say The Difference is Clear. There is a one year manufactures warranty and Free One Year Extended Warranty.

*** For all Prescription Lenses, Please include your optometrist prescription in the comment section of your order. ***

STP-2.5X Specifications
Power: 2.5X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 80mm/3.15in 90mm/3.54in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 90mm/3.54in 100mm/3.94in
Long 110mm/4.33in 110mm/4.33in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 120mm/4.72in 120mm/4.72in 550mm/21.65in
STP-3.0X Specifications
Power: 3X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 60mm/2.36in 60mm/2.36in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 80mm/3.15in 65mm/2.56in
Long 90mm/3.54in 70mm/2.76in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 100mm/3.94in 75mm/2.95in 550mm/21.65in
STP-3.5X Specifications
Power: 3.5X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 50mm/1.97in 55mm/2.17in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 55mm/2.17in 60mm/2.36in
Long 60mm/2.36in 65mm/2.56in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 65mm/2.56in 70mm/2.76in 550mm/21.65in
STP-4.0X Specifications
Power: 4X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 40mm/1.57in 50mm/1.97in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 40mm/1.57in 55mm/2.17in
Long 40mm/1.57in 60mm/2.36in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 40mm/1.57in 70mm/2.76in 550mm/21.65in
STP-5.0X Specifications
Power: 5X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 35mm/1.38in 40mm/1.57in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 35mm/1.38in 45mm/1.77in
Long 35mm/1.38in 50mm/1.97in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 35mm/1.38in 60mm/2.36in 550mm/21.65in
STP-6.0X Specifications
Power: 6X Depth of View Field of View Working Distance
Small 25mm/0.98in 40mm/1.57in 340mm/13.39in
Regular 25mm/0.98in 45mm/1.77in
Long 25mm/0.98in 50mm/1.97in 500mm/19.69in
Extra Long 25mm/0.98in 55mm/2.17in 550mm/21.65in


Shipping Dimensions: 12.0" x 10.0" x 8.0" / 31cm x 26cm x 21cm
Shipping Weight: 2 lb / 0.91 kg  


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