Microscope Stage Warmer

Microscope Stage Warmer

Product Code: NYMCSW-D
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Our exclusive heated stage is ideal for warming and stabilizing specimens with heat control. It is useful for semen and other specimens sensitive to temperature. It easily installs on most standard microscopes and will maintain actual stage temperature with less then 1 deg. C from set temperature. The stage size is 150mm x 130mm x 5.9mm. It is quick acting and takes about 90 seconds to reach the desired temperature of 20 to 50 degree C. Simple temperature adjustments will raise or lower the setting that are displayed on the large LED readouts. The accuracy is +/- 1 deg. C., and the displaying division is 0.1 deg. C. The warmer includes spare fuses and instructions. 110 VAC, 50W.

Stage Warmer Manual
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