Unitron Stereo Stands

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Unitron 9" Extension Post - For Ball Bearing Boom
Ball bearing boom stand 9" extension post ..
Your Price: $64.00
Unitron Wall / Table Mount - For Flexible Arm Stand
Specifications UN15350-TM Table mount for flexible arm stand (CAT# 15350..
Your Price: $80.00
Unitron Horizontal / Vertical C-Clamp - For Flexible Arm Stand
Horizontal or vertical c-clamp mount for use with Flexible arm stand ..
Your Price: $132.00
Unitron Plain Focusing Stand
Thin design keeps sample position low for user comfort Two-position points allow for easy adjus..
Your Price: $235.00
Unitron Pole Stand
Pole stand with focus mount, black and white plate - no illumination ..
Your Price: $235.00
Unitron Bonder Arm (E-Arm)
Bonder arm (E-Arm) with ø76mm pod holder, 5/8" mounting pin ..
Your Price: $237.00
Unitron Universal Boom Stand
Safety tracks on the horizontal arm Features Delrin® inserts in the focus block to ensure smoot..
Your Price: $300.00
Unitron Flexible Arm Stand
Provides maximum freedom, flexibility and adjustability. Ideal for the inspection of specimens ..
Your Price: $311.00
Unitron Diascopic Stand
Diascopic stand for embryo transfer with tiltable mirror reflector and ø76mm pod holder (fiber optic..
Your Price: $445.00
Unitron Ball Bearing Boom Stand
Precise, stable movement Sturdy and ruggedly built Ideal for observation applications where m..
Your Price: $489.00
Unitron Variable LED Focusing Stand
Simultaneous variable reflected and transmitted LED illumination Thin design of base allows use..
Your Price: $505.00
Unitron Variable LED Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing Stand
Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustments Simultaneous variable reflected and transmitted LED i..
Your Price: $550.00