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Portable Digital Microscope
2.3 Mega Pixels
New Enhancements and Features

The new and improved DG-3X by Scalar is 30% brighter with the enhanced TFT liquid crystal screen than the previous model. Additionally, the expanded view angle has improved the visibility rate which makes the DG3X the ideal choice for industrial inspection, forensic evaluation, educational and specialty use the number one choice for professionals. Boeing, the United Space Alliance, NASA, Florida Power & Light, and several major automakers are using DG units. Perfect for viewing when the naked eye is not good enough. The DG3 offers closeup handheld inspections of bolt holes, bonding screens, corrosion, and braided flex hoses, surface defects on automobiles, aircraft and much more.

With the rechargeable lithium-ion battery the microscope can be used continuously for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. An AC adapter is also included with the basic set. The DG-3X puts the microscope in the palm of your hands thus your laboratory work area is wherever you decide to go. A variety of lenses and accessories are variable for the DG-3X Kit. This precision portable microscope manufactured in Japan is unsurpassed in the industry for inspections and failure analysis for metal and most surfaces.

Please contact New York Microscope Company for any DG-3X inquiries, custom configurations, quantity discounts or support required at 877-877-7274 or info@nyscopes.com.

New York Microscope Company is the only microscope company to offer Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope. Visit our Free Service Protection page for more details.

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Standard 100x Objective
A very popular lens for looking at micro images in industrial, educational and specialized applicati..
Your Price: $695.00
Standard 30x Non-reflective Objective
Multi purpose lens that cuts glare on highly reflective surfaces. *** Must be used with the DG-3X..
Your Price: $695.00
Standard 50x Non-reflective Objective
Multi purpose lens that cuts glare on highly reflective surfaces. *** Must be used with the DG-3X..
Your Price: $695.00
Standard 200x Objective
This lens is very popular for viewing hair folicles and industrial applications. *** Must be used..
Your Price: $749.00
Geared Stand
This stand facilities focusing of specimens for non touch situations. It is ideal for forensic use. ..
Your Price: $1,095.00
Flexible Stand
This stand allows for adjustment when looking at difficult positions or angles. The microscope pictu..
Your Price: $1,195.00
XYZ Stand
This stand moves the sample (not the microscope) back & forth and is ideal when wanting to focus..
Your Price: $1,495.00
High Resolution 200x
Ease of use make this 200x very popular for viewing hair folicles and other micro specimens for insp..
Your Price: $2,295.00
High Resolution 500x
A very powerful lens and very popular in the printing industry and for other industrial specialized ..
Your Price: $2,495.00
DG-Coaxial Illumination Lens Holder
Coaxial Illumination Lens Holder DIN standard objective lens is not supplied with this holder ..
Your Price: $3,850.00
High Resolution 1000x
A very powerful lens ideal for looking at engravings, plastics, etc. The use of a remote control shu..
Your Price: $4,995.00
DG-3X Camera Kit - Lenses Sold Separately
Compared to previous model (DG-3), DG-3x has TFT liquid crystal whose brightness has increased by ..
Your Price: $6,495.00